First hand view

This week we won the maintenance contracts for a major hotel chain throughout the UK. Due to this we have had a first-hand view at the effect the pandemic and the restrictions that accompany daily life have had on the hospitality industry.

Properties have been repurposed to help with better handling those who need treatment and others have been outfitted with measures related to both hygiene and the way a business operates to better reduce the spread of Covid-19 whilst aspects of pre lockdown life can still be pursued.

Once the going got tough the Government opened new temporary hospitals, like the Nightingale Hospitals, as well as repurposing leisure buildings in order to cope with the increasing number of patients. The task of constructing and repurposing buildings was enormous and had to be conducted under strict hygiene standards as well as ever increasing time constraints due to the rising demand for additional hospitals and test centres.

As the possibility of a second wave looms and local and national restrictions intensify the true toll on the hospitality industry is only just being revealed. By the end of the year the chief executive of UK Hospitality has said ‘the anticipated number of additional redundancies by the end of the year was 560,000’. This is now estimated to be much higher due to local restrictions. Therefore, Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd is on standby to help affected industries in all lift related areas such as lift maintenance, lift repairs and lift modernisation with a first hand view

When travelling in a lift remember to practice social distancing as much as possible and try to avoid crowding in the lifts. Also avoid touching the buttons with your hands themselves. Spreading will also be reduced by regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

At Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd we do not see ourselves as the normal run of the mill lift contractor.  Through our dedicated customer care, we see ourselves as your partner throughout the entire lifespan of your lift equipment. We are in this together, every step of the way.



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