Keep your lift rising with the heat!

As the country sees some of the hottest days on record, we’d like to highlight the important of our services in the warmer weather…….

Did you know that your lift is more likely to breakdown in higher temperatures due to the increase in operating temperatures? Here at Ascendant Lifts, we recognise the importance of this and the need for a quick response time. The breakdown of your lift can affect your footfall making it more difficult for those with mobility issues to get around your venue and in turn this may stop them visiting and affect your revenue.

A lift kept in good working order is very much part of the customer experience. As we’ve previously stated, It allows companies to forge a reputation for offering accessibility and to be recognised as a business which cares about the needs of those with mobility issues.   As our sales manager Justine highlighted in a previous news story ‘we live in a world where social media is a major influence, negative feedback spreads rapidly and if you have a lift which is prone to breakdowns, and not being maintained correctly, it only takes one bad review to impact on a companies reputation’. That’s why we are here to help YOU, as our customer!

Passenger-carrying lifts should have an examination carried out; after substantial and significant changes have been made; at least every six months. If your building has a lift then you need to understand LOLER Regulations and how often your lift should be managed. You as a business owner or employer have a legal responsibility to make sure that lifts being used on your premises are maintained and are kept in safe working order. LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998).  It outlines the requirements and regulations for anyone who owns or is ‘responsible for the safe operation of a lift used at work’. It states three separate types of actions that should be carried out on your passenger lift; preventative maintenance, inspections and thorough examinations. A LOLER is something we can offer you as part of our service at Ascendant Lifts. Having your lift service regularly can prevent unnecessary, lengthy, costly call outs which impact that all important customer experience.

Despite having all of the above in place, unfortunately, things can go wrong from time to time – which is where we’re here to help! Our 24/7 engineers are on hand to take your call and get with you as quickly as possible. Entrapment? We’ll get to you as quickly as possible to release the trapped passengers! Breakdown? We can work through the night to get your lift working as quickly as possible. From our North-East & North-West offices, we have some of the countries most experienced engineers on call for our customers. The customer experience is very much at the centre of what we do here at Ascendant Lifts and we strive for no less than 100% satisfaction – if you’re not satisfied, neither are we & we guarantee to put it right!

If your business has lift(s) which aren’t currently being maintained or if you’re not as happy with your current supplier (as your would be with us!), then get  in touch with us here at Ascendant Lifts & Escalators and we can help you out with a tailored plan to suit your needs. You can contact our friendly staff at our Gateshead office on 0800 599 1977 or give our North-West office a call on 0161 355 2292

We look forward to welcoming you onboard and another happy customer with a well maintained lift that keeps rising even when the heat does!