Lift Care & Maintenance During the Winter Season❄️

Lifts are the workhorse in transporting people and goods within your organisation. The winter months can affect them due to changes in temperature, which is why winter lift maintenance is vital when it comes to your lifts to keep them working efficiently. There are a few extra measures you can make to limit your lift having any disruption during the winter months.

Many people don’t know that winter preparation for lifts is extremely important. The mechanical parts of the lift rails can be adversely affected due to the cold and chill of the winter season. The cold and dry air may affect the lubrication on the guide rails of the lift and make them stiffen. The lack of lubricant on the guide rails may affect the efficiency of your lift, and the overall performance. By applying lubricant this will reduce the friction between the guid rails and the lift while in operation.

Keeping your lift temperatures consistent is a key factor to maintain your lift in the winter months, as if there is a drastic change in temperature from inside the lift to the shaft then condensation can build up. This moisture can then find its way to electrical components and cause component failure and the shutting down of the lift, resulting in a disruption to productivity within your organisation. On top of this the oil could dry and wiring get damaged just to name a few more issues which can arise if temperatures are not controlled correctly. Ideally your lift hydraulics should be kept between 15°C – 20°C. One way to achieve making sure the temperature is correct would be installing a motor room heater, which are used to maintain the temperature. The benefits of using a motor room heater include reduced wear and tear, energy savings, improved safety, and compliance of regulations.

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