Lift Modernisation – High St Retailer – North Wales

Ascendant Lifts & Escalators are delighted to bring you news of another successful lift modernisation for a well-known high street retailer at one of their stores in North Wales.

We were approached by our client as they were looking to take over a new store in Mold, North Wales. Whenever our client is looking to increase their store portfolio, they involve us at a very early stage. We liaise with the managing agent on behalf of our customer and attend the stores to carry out a detailed survey of the existing lift equipment.

This is invaluable for our customer as it ensures that they do not take on new properties and then discover the lift is old, unreliable, and non-compliant to modern standards. Our upfront survey allows them to budget accordingly and often they get a contribution from the landlord to have the lift upgraded or modernised.

Following our survey in Mold we discovered that the lift was a goods only lift installed in the 1960’s and totally unsuitable for my client going forward as it would not give the reliability needed to open a new store. This was fed back to our client, and we discussed a modernisation package which would give the lift another 15 years reliability.

After we did our survey, we contacted our control panel manufacturer to obtain costs for the upgrade works. We then provided our modernisation proposal which included a modern UK supported control system which was open protocol and included a built-in fault logger. The new control system also had a number of energy saving options which added further benefit to the customer.

Once we presented our proposal, we were instructed to carry out all the works we recommended to make the lift safe, reliable, and up to a modern standard.

From receipt of order, we were on site within 3 weeks and completed all works on time and within budget.

Following completion of the works the client moved into their new premises and experienced zero problems with the lift whilst moving in and fitting out the new store.

The customer has now been in their new store 3 months without a single issue with their lift to the delight of the staff in store and the property team at head office.

Should you need any assistance for any modernisation project of if you are thinking about taking on a new premises that has a lift installed why not contact Ascendant Lifts & Escalators who will be happy to assist – we may help you avoid costly repair bills moving forward.

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