Passenger and Platform lifts

After a recent win for Nationwide Lifts for a National Care home chain we thought we put together a few tips on staying safe in Passenger and Platform lifts during these uncertain times .

Passenger and Platform lifts are small enclosed spaces where people must stand very close together. They are also an essential mode of transport for people who cannot use the stairs easily, especially in critical settings like Nursing Homes. We have put together tips for lift use whilst social distancing because of the recent Covid 19 pandemic

While many of us in the UK are currently facing fresh movement restrictions, there are Buildings that that need to stay operational. For example, hospitals and care homes  where people and supplies must always be able to move efficiently within and between floors,

By following the tips below, you can help stop the spread of the Virus in your Building and place of work

  1. Regular cleaning of touchable lift surfaces

It is always good practice to keep surfaces cleaned regularly. We would recommend extra cleaning efforts so that handrails, lift walls and Buttons are disinfected regularly.

  1. Avoid direct contact with landing and lift car buttons To avoid the spread of Covid 19 from landing and lift push buttons, it is practice not to touch with your bare fingers, instead use  a gloved finger, or something else such as a pen If you need to use your bare hands, remember to wash them with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  1. For passenger carrying lifts practice social distancing and avoid crowds 

If you cannot maintain a two-metre distance with other people in the lift then be patient and wait for the next one or consider taking the stairs instead if you can. Ideally, it is best to travel in the lift /elevator cabin on your own or people from you own household to avoid spread.

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