Property Management

The business of Property Management never stopped and occupies a central place in the heart of the Crisis, ensuring the day to day and financial management of buildings in this period open or not.

Soon followed a series of businesses coming to a full standstill and doors where shut some permanently, and others having to rely on homeworking and furloughs to survive the uncertain times.

The first announcement for a country wide lockdown in Europe came on 9th March in Italy. Other countries soon followed, with Spain, France, Belgium and the UK being amongst many to ask people to stay indoors.

Faced with an unprecedented situation, Property Management had to react quickly in order to ensure work was able to continue and so have we at Nationwide Lifts taking into account the nature of the business  bringing in measures to protect our customers and staff and the most vulnerable in the community such as the Care Environment.

We work to Liaise with people on site and work alongside the property teams to ensure vital servicing and repairs are carried out while working within Government Guidelines

Lifts will always need servicing and lifts will always need repairs and we will continue to work with all our customers to provide a Safe service to the highest Standards .

We appreciate times are tough and the priority is to stay well which is our priority as well but if contracts are coming up for renewal, we can make great cost saving which at these unprecedented times can make a big impact on your bottom line.

UK Business is at our heart and will continue to provide the best personal service to all of our customers and all future customers in a safe and reliable way.

Please contact if we can help further on or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 599 9177. We can offer all types of lift service and maintenance work throughout England, Wales and Scotland.


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