The benefits of a Platform Lift

The benefits of a platform lift  speak for them selves ,For people with limited mobility, a single stair can become an obstacle that limits independence, but this does not have to be the case. If you are a wheelchair user exploring the benefit of a Platform lift  empower you to stay in your home, rest assured that there are solutions available to you.

The installation of a Platform lift can provide the means to access every level in a multiple-story home. As a result, you will enjoy a greater level of independence while living under your own roof. For single-level homes, where entry requires a step up from the garage or entryway, a vertical platform lift may be your best bet. The benefits of a Platform lift speak for them selves.

A unique mobility product, a platform lift, provides a safe, convenient way to access your home. Unlike a typical passenger lift pit depth requirement are minimal, so a unit can usually be installed more quickly than lift and installed virtually anywhere in the home space allowing. 

To meet your specific needs and preferences, appearance and functionality, platform lifts can be finished with virtually any colour you wish and can include solid, powder-coated steel or plexiglass. Unlike a passenger lift, constant pressure on the call button is required when calling the lift to the appropriate landing and when a passenger sends the lift to the desired level. Optional features may include an hands free phone, emergency platform lights and standby power in case of a power outage. The vertical platform lift can be a cost-effective solution to your accessibility needs.

All of our platform lifts and step lifts are open protocol which means that any company can service or repair our products in the future. We offer a large range of platform lifts and step lifts but also offer fully bespoke solutions from 250kg up to 1000kg.

Our platform lift range is fully compliant with European machine directive 2006/42/EC and is ideal where disabled access is required but space or budget restricts using a passenger lift. Our platform lift range offers our clients many features and benefits including:-

  • No lift shaft required (comes with own enclosure and structure)
  • No lift pit required (ramp or 50mm recess)
  • Reduced headroom space (within normal ceiling space)
  • Smaller footprint than passenger lift products
  • Quick Delivery (6 weeks)
  • Quick Installation (2 to 3 days)
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Runs on single phase power only
  • Single touch controls on landings (continuous pressure in cabin)
  • Various platform sizes available to suit all projects
  • European machine directive 2006/42/EC compliance

We offer a proven screw and nut drive system that is low energy and completely self-contained, meaning machine rooms or extra space is not required.

We have many years of experience of supplying this platform lift range and still have many of our installations in our service portfolio nationwide including Scotland, the North East, Yorkshire, the North West, the Midlands, the Home Counties, London and the South.