Valued customers

If i have learnt anything over the last 12 months its to be you own cheerleader and celebrate any win, its been a tough 2020 especially as we go into lockdown 2.0. Its even sweeter when praise comes in from one of your most Valued customers.

Sam said We are a really good company, customer service was excellent, she commented we get the engineers out quick and the work is good. She said she has had problems with lift companies in the past and any new job are always passed to Nationwide”.

At Nationwide Lifts & Escalators our customer service is real passion for us and what stands us apart from other lift companies, there is no calls missed no matter the time and we work tightly as a team and nobody goes home until every email is answered it sounds  very cliché but I’m going to say it we care. For every lift that is broken down its not just a machine, its a young family with a buggy that cant get down stairs or a pensioner who has to walk up 5 flights of stairs, or a service lift that has real impact on a Business and staff, we see things differently and that’s why we get the praise we do and retain a large portfolio of valued customers.

Through our dedicated customer care, we pride ourselves as your partner throughout the entire lifespan of your lift equipment, with offices across the UK in key locations we can provide a fully comprehensive package to all our clients. We have dedicated Key Account Managers, who pride themselves on excellent customer service, full knowledge of your account and lift, this in turn leads to retaining a loyal customer database, due to a familiar voice with a wealth of Knowledge.

We are forward thinking  Lift company  with  traditional Lift servicing at the heart of what we do. During a traditional maintenance visit, rest assured our experienced service engineers carry out a full inspection, test and comprehensive service, and make any appropriate adjustments to ensure optimum performance saving you money in the long run.

At Nationwide Lifts and Escalators Communication is key to everything we do; our Customer promise makes Nationwide Lifts & Escalators a unique company in the marketplace.