Lift Modernisation – Crewe

We are delighted to share the news that we have recently completed a comprehensive modernisation for one of our long-standing clients in the care sector.

The lift on site was over 25 years old and had started to become old and unreliable given its age and condition. At a recent contract review meeting with our client, this was a unit that was identified as needing investment.

We arranged for our engineering manager to attend site to carry out a comprehensive survey of the existing lift. Following our survey, we approached a number of suppliers within the industry to find the ideal solution for this project.

After careful consideration we selected a long-term supply partner who was able to supply us with an open protocol product that was readily available in the UK both from a technical support and spare parts viewpoint. The product also provided the client huge energy saving benefits by utilising modern technology for the drive system, lighting, and hydraulic pump motor.

From placing the initial order with our supplier, we were on site within 4 weeks where our teams stripped out the old equipment and disposing of everything in line with our environmental policy. We then began the installation and after 6 working days the lift was ready for test.

Our technical manager then attended site and carried out a full test and commission of the equipment in line with the relevant standards for modernisation of existing lifts.

We are pleased to report that our engineers done a fantastic job of the modernisation works and our technical manager passed off the unit without an issue after completing the necessary testing works.

Following the works the lift was returned to full service on the 8th working day of the project. We completed this modernisation project on budget and ahead of schedule to the delight of the client.

At the handover of the project the client commended our engineers for their attitude towards both getting the project completed and ensuring the Health and Safety of anyone within the care home who could encounter the project works.

Suzanne Lisle, Managing Director of Ascendant Lifts commented “we are delighted how this project has turned out for one of our long standing service partners and special praise to our engineering team for putting H&S at the forefront and still delivering on time and within budget”