Ascendant News: Charity Walk Success!

Ascendant Lifts are exceptionally proud to share that the incredible ladies from our North East team have successfully completed a grueling 20k charity walk to support Veterans In Crisis Sunderland (VICS) last Saturday. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

It was a day filled with determination, solidarity, and the spirit of giving back to those who have served our country. Our Ascendant Ramblers went the extra mile, quite literally (14 to be exact!!) – to make a difference in the lives of our brave veterans.

The 20k charity walk was organized by Managing Director Suzanne Lisle to raise funds and awareness for veterans who are facing challenging circumstances and require support. Having worked closely with this charity and its leader Ger Fowler before, we stepped up to the plate and rallied their team members to participate in this inspiring event.

Not only did our ladies complete the walk in good time, but they also exceeded their fundraising goal, which will go directly towards providing essential resources and assistance to veterans in crisis.

This event showcased the power of teamwork and unity. The ladies from Ascendant Lifts exemplified what it means to come together for a common cause, inspiring others to take action and make a positive change in their communities.

We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who supported and sponsored the Ascendant Lifts team for this fantastic cause. Your generosity has played a significant role in the success of this charity walk.

Let’s continue to recognize and support our veterans, we can make a difference and ensure that they receive the care and assistance they deserve.

Congratulations once again to the amazing ladies from Ascendant Lifts – Lisa ScanlinSuzanne LisleKate PatonNicola ThomasJustine Bland and Marie Callaghan for their outstanding achievement.

Your dedication to the cause last weekend was truly commendable. Roll on the next one – if anyone has any ideas for what we can participate in next to raise more funds and beat our previous goal – let us know in the comments below?πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸŒŸ

Ascendant News: Training Day! πŸš€πŸ”§

Ascendant are thrilled to share that a few of our North West engineers have successfully completed the advanced DMG controller training at Shorts Lifts in Bradford this month! πŸŽ‰πŸ’

In our commitment to staying at the forefront of the lift industry, we believe in investing in continuous professional development for our team. The DMG controller training offered by Shorts Lifts is renowned for its hands-on approach, equipping our engineers with the latest skills and knowledge to tackle complex lift systems efficiently and effectively.

Throughout the intensive training program, our engineers delved into a wide range of topics, including advanced lift control algorithms, fault diagnostics, and system troubleshooting. They gained valuable insights into the cutting-edge features and functionalities of the DMG controller, which will enable us to provide our clients with even more innovative and reliable lift solutions.

We would like to express our gratitude to Andy Emsley and the exceptional trainers at Shorts Industries Ltd for their expertise and knowledge. Their guidance has empowered our team to tackle the most challenging lift projects with confidence.
Our engineers are now further equipped with an enhanced skill set that will enable us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

And of course, a huge congratulations to our incredible team of lift engineers for their hard work and commitment to professional growth. Their determination to excel is a testament to our company’s culture of continuous learning and excellence.

If you have any lift-related requirements or questions, please feel free to reach out to us on 0800 599 9177 or email We look forward to leveraging our newly acquired expertise and skills to our customers, old and new!

Ascendant News: Welcoming Alex

Ascendant Lifts is thrilled to announce the addition of a talented new lift engineer, Alex, to the North West team. With a proven track record and a passion for the industry, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to further enhance the company’s commitment to exceptional lift services.

Alex’s extensive experience in the lift engineering field spans over a 18 years, during which time he has gained valuable knowledge in maintaining a wide range of lift systems. His in-depth understanding of mechanical operations, coupled with a keen eye for detail, makes him an exceptional asset to the Ascendant team.

Alex will be responsible for a wide range of lift maintenance tasks, including regular inspections, diagnostic assessments, and callouts. This will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of servicing and minimizing disruptions for our North West clients.

The lift industry bug runs in the family too – as Alex’s mum worked in the business many years ago and got him his first job as an engineer with a small local company back in 2005 – and he has never looked back!

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Alex as the newest member of the Ascendant family. With his outstanding skills and dedication, we are confident that Alex will contribute to the continued success and growth of our company, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted provider of top-notch lift maintenance services across the UK.