Ascendant Lifts: Wedding Bells!

Its been a busy week here at Ascendant, we’ve been stacked up with repairs, maintenance and modernisation projects up and down the country.

One that really stood out to us though, was a prestigious North East wedding venue that we have just began working with this week, to provide service and maintenance to an unruly and notoriously unreliable platform lift they have been having issues with for a while.

After being let down by the company who did the initial install, they’ve had nothing but bad luck with this lift, and something needed to drastically change as the callouts were mounting and too much money was being lost on constant repairs. That’s where we come in with our first time fix policy!

We got to site and done a full and transparent dilapidation report on this lift, told the site manager exactly what our plan was going forward to maintain the lift to the best of our ability and also got the lift back in service ready for the wedding ahead that same day.

The wedding party has a disabled guest and management were concerned the lift would not be up and running for the wedding, however our engineer was there bright and early and was finished on site before the bride and groom arrived.

Site were so impressed with the service that they entered into a 3 year maintenance contract with us, so we can continue to monitor the lift and make sure it is no longer a hindrance for this fantastic venue, overall – a lovely success story.

If you need help with lift maintenance and repairs, get in touch for your free quote so we can show you what we can offer – whether its 1 or 100 lifts, we’ve got you covered.

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Ascendant News: Rapid Repairs!

Our news story this week comes in the form of some excellent and speedy repair work completed in our North East Office this week…

As we all know, lifts are complex pieces of equipment and unfortunately, they can sometimes go down and require replacement parts to restore them to their former glory. Even the most robust lift sometimes requires these type of works. A lift fault can cause a lift breakdown, inefficient power consumption and generally affect the lift safety if a major lift component fails. This is where the expert lift repair services of Ascendant Lifts come in handy.

Two of our valued customers, both in the care home sector – had breakdowns this week, and here at Ascendant – we completed both jobs, from quote, parts ordered and installation from our technician in record time – we had the lifts back up and running in no time at all.

As we all know, lifts in care homes are fundamental in the smooth running of operations and when they breakdown, it can throw the homes into chaos as residents lose the ability to be mobile in some areas where they may need to be.

We are aware of this here at Ascendant Lifts & Escalators and make sure to prioritize high importance cases like the two we had this week. We are thrilled to say the customers in question were over the moon with the quick turnaround of the works, and even after quite a complex breakdown.

Remember, we may operate out of the North East and North West, with our head offices based in Newcastle and Manchester- but we provide our services across the whole of the UK, giving complete national lift coverage. Our years of experience in lift repairs and engineering allows us to work on all lift types and a growing network of lift component suppliers to support us with lift parts when needed most.

We can also quote for repair works even if we aren’t your chosen maintenance provider, so are you slightly unhappy with current contractor at the moment or have the last few repair quotes you’ve received been a little bit on the steep side? Not to worry! We can provide you with a like-for-like quotation, is always worth a comparison – especially if its a big job which requires a lot of work- saving money is the top of everybody’s agenda in this current climate, so why not see what your options are?

Another successful week and more happy customers here – get on board and see what all the fuss is about! Give us a shout on the details below for all of your lift maintenance, modernisation and repair needs >>>

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Ascendant News – Ascendant Charity Event

This weeks exciting news story is coming straight from 6 of the lovely ladies in our NE head office!

On Saturday 13th May they are all off to take part in a charity walk across the Northumberland Coast on behalf of the Veterans In Crisis, a Sunderland based charity which predominantly works towards helping ex-forces men or women, who are struggling with life post service, to get back on their feet. If you are familiar with this page, you’ll know we are keen supporters of this charity and it is close to our hearts! The 6 ladies from our office are giving up their spare time to complete this walk and help fundraise for this hugely important cause.

They will be walking from Beadnell across to Seahouses and back kitted out in Veterans In Crisis T-Shirts along the way, raising awareness and hopefully a few pennies on their journey!

Veterans In Crisis not only supports ex forces members, but in certain circumstances also offer support to the families of the bereaved who lost their lives serving in the armed forces.

The sort of help they offer varies and comes in many different forms, including working in partnership with Springboard, Gentoo and Engie to provide first class training to clients looking to get back into employment. VICS also have their own in-house councilor who is readily available to chat to any ex-veteran or family member who needs to chat.

Please join us in wishing our North East Ladies the best of luck in their fundraising, we hope you reach your goal – and if any of our fantastic LinkedIn followers would like to support this brilliant cause, please get in touch via to make a donation, even the smallest gesture is appreciated!

And remember, in the meantime – if your business requires any lift maintenance, repairs or modernisation needs, you know we’ve got it covered! Give us a call 0800 599 9177 – we provide 24/7 servicing across the nation as standard. Get in touch!

Ascendant News: Celebrations in Operations!

This weeks news story is all about recognizing the achievements of valued staff member, our very own Nicola, we could not be prouder to be celebrating the news of her promotion this week to Regional Operations Manager in the North East office.

Anyone who knows Nicola, knows since day one of coming to Ascendant Lifts & Escalators she went above and beyond in her previous role of Key Account Manager. She made a fantastic impression with some of our very important clients. These accounts were single handedly managed to an exceptional standard by Nic, and she really did put in the work to make sure we retained their custom and earned their trust and respect.

Nicola has now been promoted to Regional Operations Manager for Scotland, North East and Yorkshire. We have a number of units across these areas including the major cities, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leeds. Along with still monitoring the key accounts, she will now be in charge of the smooth running of projects and work carried out in these areas.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed or unrewarded at Ascendant, all of those long days were worth it in the end!

Congratulations and the best of luck in your new role.

Ascendant News: Dental Delight!

Happy Friday Guys – this weeks news story is on something we’ve really got our teeth into these last few weeks (pardon the pun 🦷)!!

Ascendant Lifts are pleased to announce that we have secured a fantastic long term maintenance contract on a number of dental and orthodontic clinics. These sites vary in their locations across the UK and will really let us show our capability when it comes to providing our great services on a national scale.

The lifts in the sites vary between passenger, platform and stairlifts. On each site, we worked with the client to discuss how we can best tailor the contract to suit them. We spent quality time, and offered a bespoke and individual plan, which really helped them with their decision on choosing Ascendant.

Our sales team always work closely with the potential clients on these type of projects, to make sure they get the absolute best out of their contract and have absolute faith in our engineers to take care of their equipment well. Now they’ve really got something to smile about 😁

If you have lifts that require maintaining in your business, whether it’s 1 or 100 – get in touch with us and we can help you ascend to new heights, keeping your equipment perfectly maintained, clean, safe to use…all without breaking the bank.

You know the drill (sorry, one more pun won’t hurt 😬) – get in touch for your unique quote!