Ascendant Lifts: Wedding Bells!

Its been a busy week here at Ascendant, we’ve been stacked up with repairs, maintenance and modernisation projects up and down the country.

One that really stood out to us though, was a prestigious North East wedding venue that we have just began working with this week, to provide service and maintenance to an unruly and notoriously unreliable platform lift they have been having issues with for a while.

After being let down by the company who did the initial install, they’ve had nothing but bad luck with this lift, and something needed to drastically change as the callouts were mounting and too much money was being lost on constant repairs. That’s where we come in with our first time fix policy!

We got to site and done a full and transparent dilapidation report on this lift, told the site manager exactly what our plan was going forward to maintain the lift to the best of our ability and also got the lift back in service ready for the wedding ahead that same day.

The wedding party has a disabled guest and management were concerned the lift would not be up and running for the wedding, however our engineer was there bright and early and was finished on site before the bride and groom arrived.

Site were so impressed with the service that they entered into a 3 year maintenance contract with us, so we can continue to monitor the lift and make sure it is no longer a hindrance for this fantastic venue, overall – a lovely success story.

If you need help with lift maintenance and repairs, get in touch for your free quote so we can show you what we can offer – whether its 1 or 100 lifts, we’ve got you covered.

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