Ascendant News: Lift Modernisation Project Win at Seafront Scarborough Hotel

This week we are overjoyed to announce a fantastic partnership with a renowned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the bustling seaside town of Scarborough. The hotel in question announced its collaboration with Ascendant this week for a cutting-edge lift modernisation project which is to begin in the next few weeks. We emerged victorious in a highly competitive bid, solidifying our reputation as a trusted industry leader when it comes to highly complex lift modernisation works.

The New Southlands hotel, known for its impeccable service and opulent accommodations, aims to enhance the guest experience by upgrading its existing lift systems. Recognizing the expertise and innovation offered by Ascendant Lifts, the hotel management selected us as the preferred partner for this transformative project.

With an established history of delivering exceptional lift solutions, our team of engineers at Ascendant Lifts have consistently exceeded client expectations. This lift modernisation project at the New Southlands hotel will serve as another milestone for Ascendant Lifts, and further reinforce our portfolio of prestigious collaborations.

The project aims to enhance the lift systems throughout the hotel, focusing on improving performance, safety, and aesthetics. Ascendant Lifts will bring their extensive experience and technical proficiency to the table, ensuring a seamless and efficient upgrade process. By integrating advanced features and implementing innovative design elements, the new lifts will offer enhanced reliability, energy efficiency, and a sleek new look to complement the hotel’s luxurious ambiance.

We cant wait to get started on this one! Remember, if your lift is in disarray, constantly prone to breakdowns and generally becoming more of a hindrance to your business – then it may be time to look into a modernisation. This is usually a very cost effective solution in the long run!

Not sure? Want to find out more? Well, we offer FREE surveys on modernisations on all types of lifts, so get in touch and find out how we can help you upgrade your lifting equipment. Call us to arrange, or just for a quick chat about how the process works. We are always here to help your business ascend to new heights…

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📢 Ascendant News: Ascendant Lifts Secures Lift Maintenance Contract for Lancashire Care Group

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious lift maintenance contract at a prominent healthcare organization in the North West this week.

As part of the agreement, Ascendant Lifts will oversee the maintenance and servicing of the lifts across multiple locations within the care group. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers will ensure the highest level of operational reliability, compliance with safety standards, and optimal performance of all equipment in the client’s sites.

With our extensive industry knowledge which spans over 20 years, Ascendant Lifts will implement a proactive maintenance strategy. This approach will minimize the downtime of the lifts, any potential disruptions, whilst optimizing the lifespan of the equipment.

Ascendant Lifts competed in a lengthy tender process amongst many other established lift industry experts and we came out on top, scoring highly on price and quality to beat our competitors.

So, if you would like a competitive quote for any lift maintenance, repair, modernisation or installation works then reach out to us today for a free of charge consultation and discover how our lift maintenance solutions can add value to your business!

Let’s elevate and ascend together. Connect with us now!

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📢 Ascendant News: The Return of Ruthy! 

This week, we are thrilled to announce the return of our fantastic Service and Repairs Co-ordinator, Ruth Sutton. Ruth has rejoined the Ascendant Lifts family this month, almost one year after giving birth to her adorable daughter, Della and enjoying her maternity leave.
Ruth’s return marks a significant milestone for Ascendant Lifts, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting its employees throughout their various life stages. As an organization dedicated to fostering a positive work-life balance, Ascendant Lifts takes pride in empowering its employees to navigate their professional and personal responsibilities successfully.
During Ruth’s absence, we ensured a smooth transition by assigning interim responsibilities to fellow colleagues, recognizing the importance of maintaining high standards of service and uninterrupted operations of our valued clientele. Our collaborative efforts and teamwork helped maintain
seamless operations while Ruth enjoyed the precious first moments of motherhood.
Now, as Ruth resumes her career at Ascendant Lifts, we couldn’t be happier to see her back, she’s been a huge miss! Her hard work, dedication, and positive attitude have always been an inspiration to the team, and her homecoming has boosted the overall morale and brought a renewed sense of energy to the office.
We think its hugely important that employees like Ruth can thrive whilst juggling major life milestones alongside growing their career – we will always encourage this within our team. Ascendant Lifts extend our warmest congratulations to Ruth on her return. We wish her nothing but continued success in her career and happiness in her journey as a mother!
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Ascendant News: Star Apprentice ⭐️

It’s a double whammy this week for our repair apprentice Michael, having not only passed his probationary period with the company but also passing his PASMA course. Pictured with our Managing Director Suzanne Lisle who presented him with his PASMA certificate and card which last for 5 years!

Michael has been with the company 6 months now and will be shortly starting his NVQ 3 later this year.

At Ascendant Lifts we provide a structured route for all our apprentices enabling them to progress in their careers and, at the same time provide us with an excellent return on investment when aligned with our business aims.

We love to see young apprentices rising to the top and ascending to new heights. We can’t wait to see where Michaels lift industry future takes him!

Well done and congratulations all round 🥳

Ascendant News: Mental Health Week – The Paw-sitive Impact of Dogs 🐾

As we celebrated Mental Health Week a little while back, we want to share an incredible initiative we followed here at Ascendant Lifts that has made a profound difference in the workplace well-being down in our Stockport office. It involves one of our four-legged friends joining the team for the day, creating a more positive and supportive atmosphere. That’s right – our very own Stephen Shaw‘s gorgeous little doggo, Bella the Cockapoo!

Understanding the incredible therapeutic benefits that dogs can bring, we decided to introduce a “Dogs in the Office” program, happening once every few weeks. Many studies have shown that having our furry friends in office environments can have hugely positive benefits – including:

1️⃣ Stress Relief
2️⃣ Improved Morale and Engagement
3️⃣ Enhanced Social Connections
4️⃣ Boosted Productivity

As we celebrate Mental Health Week, let us all try to embrace innovative ideas that support a positive and happier workplace culture. The inclusion of Bella has certainly brought us joy, while simultaneously promoting well-being and overall positive vibes!

Ascendant Lifts is committed to nurturing our employees’ mental health, and we invite others to join us in creating a work environment where wagging tails and smiling faces go hand in hand! (or should i say paw in paw – Woof!)



Ascendant News: Contract Win

We are thrilled to announce that Ascendant Lifts has recently secured the lift maintenance contract at a well-known Medical Centre in Sunderland this week, a exceptional healthcare facility dedicated to providing first class patient care to the local community.

On award of this contract, it will be our number one priority to ensure the uninterrupted mobility of patients, staff, and visitors here. We are honored to have been chosen as the local, trusted partner to ensure the smooth operation of the passenger lift they have on site.

Upon taking on the lift maintenance contract, we were informed the passenger lift had been experiencing persistent issues, disrupting the daily activities of the centre and causing inconvenience for patients and staff alike. We understood the critical need to resolve these challenges promptly, allowing the site to continue providing essential healthcare services seamlessly.

Once the maintenance plan was agreed, we completed a on-site survey the next morning – and delivered the site a quotation for a solution to the issue within a few hours.

At Ascendant Lifts, we believe in offering lift maintenance services that go above and beyond simply addressing a problem. One of our skilled technicians conducted a thorough assessment of the lift and identified the root causes of the recurring issues. We then implemented a strategic plan that not will rectify the existing problems but also proactively prevent future malfunctions.

We highly understand the crucial role a well-maintained lift plays in ensuring the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. As we continue to expand our footprint in the healthcare sector, Ascendant Lifts remains dedicated to assisting medical facilities with safe and reliable lift solutions. We look forward to future partnerships with healthcare providers and organizations, either locally or nationally – where we can leverage our expertise to ensure uninterrupted mobility and exceptional care for all.

What is your current lift maintenance situation? Let us provide you with a completely free quotation and lets see what you think! Contact us on the below details:

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