My day out with an Engineer

“I think I’ll stick to selling contracts!”

This week I went out observing a lift engineer for the day, to say it was an experience would be an understatement. Starting the new role of Service Sales Manager, I have found going out for the day extremely beneficial to see things from a different perspective.

I now know a lift engineer is so much more than just an engineer. For one they are the face of the company. From them having to get from job to job in accordingly time while providing a great service. They constantly engage with site staff signing in and out, completing their logbooks, doing risk assessments, while making sure everything is safe and operational. Then moving onto the next job!

It is fair to say I did not realise how intense the job role was. “I think I’ll stick to selling contracts.”

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Ascendant News: Welcome Rachael!😁


We are thrilled to introduce Rachael as the newest member of our service sales team at Ascendant Lifts Gateshead head office. With her arrival, we’re taking another leap forward in expanding our business.

Rachael joins us as a Service Sales Manager in our busy service department, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for providing second to none customer service. We believe with another member added to the Ascendant workforce, we can amplify our business and the only way is up.

In her role, Rachael will be getting in touch with customers and securing new contracts. Rachael has hit the ground running judging by how well she has already started off, picking up her first of many contracts on a well-known historical building in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, and is off to a flying start!

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“Keep up the cracking work!”

Celebrating some tremendous feedback from one of our key account customers making all the hard work put in from our staff at Ascendant worth it.

“Firstly, I would like to commend all the engineers that work on our lifts. We are fully aware that our stock at times can be quite challenging, and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be working very hard on one lift, only to be called to another as an emergency. Given these frustrations, your engineers continue to represent the Ascendant brand perfectly. They are very polite to our staff and residents, something that can be quite tricky seeing as many times. If we can pass this praise onto the engineers in question that would be great, I know from experience that receiving praise can really make a difference in some cases. “Keep up the cracking work!”

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We have a dedicated team on hand 24/7, operating 365 days a year to discuss any lift maintenance, repairs and lift modernisation requirements throughout the UK. Please get in touch via or call 0800 599 9177