Ascendant News: Contract Win

We are thrilled to announce that Ascendant Lifts has recently secured the lift maintenance contract at a well-known Medical Centre in Sunderland this week, a exceptional healthcare facility dedicated to providing first class patient care to the local community.

On award of this contract, it will be our number one priority to ensure the uninterrupted mobility of patients, staff, and visitors here. We are honored to have been chosen as the local, trusted partner to ensure the smooth operation of the passenger lift they have on site.

Upon taking on the lift maintenance contract, we were informed the passenger lift had been experiencing persistent issues, disrupting the daily activities of the centre and causing inconvenience for patients and staff alike. We understood the critical need to resolve these challenges promptly, allowing the site to continue providing essential healthcare services seamlessly.

Once the maintenance plan was agreed, we completed a on-site survey the next morning – and delivered the site a quotation for a solution to the issue within a few hours.

At Ascendant Lifts, we believe in offering lift maintenance services that go above and beyond simply addressing a problem. One of our skilled technicians conducted a thorough assessment of the lift and identified the root causes of the recurring issues. We then implemented a strategic plan that not will rectify the existing problems but also proactively prevent future malfunctions.

We highly understand the crucial role a well-maintained lift plays in ensuring the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. As we continue to expand our footprint in the healthcare sector, Ascendant Lifts remains dedicated to assisting medical facilities with safe and reliable lift solutions. We look forward to future partnerships with healthcare providers and organizations, either locally or nationally – where we can leverage our expertise to ensure uninterrupted mobility and exceptional care for all.

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