🌟 Ascendant News: Celebrating Tom’s Outstanding Achievement and 5-Star Review from our Grateful Customer 🌟

As most of you know, Ascendant Lifts & Escalators take immense pride in acknowledging the exceptional efforts and skills of our talented lift engineers. This week is no different! Our most recent superstar engineer is Tom, based out of the North West office. He received high praise and a glowing 5-star review from an appreciative customer, Linda, for his remarkable work in getting her 20-year-old step lift working again after it being in complete disarray and out of service for over a YEAR.

Linda, an elderly customer who had been let down by her previous contractor, was facing challenges due to her lift’s prolonged downtime. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards Tom for his dedicated service.

The lift, situated outdoors, had encountered multiple issues ranging from power problems to bolts worn down by weathering, rendering it inoperable.
After some troubleshooting, Tom finally got to the issue which was an issue with the fittings and fixtures which had began to rust inside the equipment – he replaced these and managed to get the lift back to perfect working order.

This week, she sent a letter of thanks included below:

“I just wanted to say thank you for sending the young man to mend my lift,” Linda shared in her review. “I thought it was going to be too old to repair, but he’s done it, so I’m really impressed with his attitude and his work skills. He was very friendly and helpful and has done a good job getting it working again, so thank you and him, he’s a credit to the company.”

In celebration of this well-deserved praise and outstanding customer feedback, we want to congratulate Tom for his exemplary performance. As the company moves forward, we remain confident that Tom and the rest of the team will continue to provide unparalleled service, making a positive difference in the lives of our valued customers.

If you think you have a lift that cant be fixed, or you’ve been let down by your current supplier, what are you waiting for? Even if its just for a price comparison for maintenance or repairs – its always worth a gander!

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