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Ascendant Lifts & Escalators – New Maintenance Win – Liverpool.

Ascendant Lifts & Escalators are pleased to announce they have been awarded a prestigious lift maintenance agreement for a new client in the heart of the world-famous City of Liverpool.

Prior to the contract being awarded we attended site and carried out a comprehensive free of charge survey of the lift equipment – this allowed us to advise the client exactly which type of maintenance agreement would be most beneficial to them.

Once we had submitted our tender the client was delighted as not only was our proposal better for them economically, but it also gave them exactly the right type of lift maintenance regime that suited their site.

This lift maintenance agreement will see us once again offering our traditional lift maintenance contract for the passenger lift on site, which will help cut down on callouts and repairs.

Our highly skilled and qualified team of engineers spend a longer time on site servicing each individual piece of equipment – the longer we spend on site the less likely it will be that the client will have to call us out for a lift breakdown.

Our traditional lift maintenance coupled with our first-time fix policy sets us apart from the crowd and allows us to deliver exceptional customer service across the UK.

Once we have carried out a lift maintenance visit, our dedicated after sales team provide a report to each client in a “traffic light” format which details items that require urgent attention and items that can be budgeted for.

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