An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety, in fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing lift installation and the Building . Instead, you can have a Lift Modernisation . What does this involve ?

Lifts which are properly serviced and maintained can last years and tend to have a longer life cycle than most if not all other forms of transportation. it’s not uncommon to be servicing existing passenger lifts that are over 25 years old.

However, like any electrical and mechanical equipment, a lift eventually needs to be replaced or thoroughly updated. It may be more difficult to find spare parts for an old lift, so it may be out of order for a longer time causing issues and delays on your site.

In the case of an existing lift installation it should not be assumed that the equipment complies with all current regulations and/or standards. This is particularly unlikely in the event of equipment that is over ten years of age.

Nationwide Lifts & Escalators Ltd also offer complete lift modernisation packages. We can offer lift controller replacements, lift interior upgrades, hydraulic replacements, door upgrades or replacement lift doors.

We also offer the complete turn key solution for our clients by offering builders-work and electrical work as part of our package. So when you are not wanting the upheaval of a full lift replacement, a lift modernisation solution from us is a good idea. We can often get your lift fully modernised with a new interior and all components within 2 weeks.

We only supply and fit open protocol parts to any lift repairs or modernisations. This gives the client flexibility on their lifts but also peace of mind on future works.

We believe by having the right company and right engineers as your service provider, then you can cut down on call-outs, downtime and ultimately cost.

Contact us if we can help at all for any lift repair work or Lift Modernisation work. You can get in touch by emailing us at or FREEPHONE 0800 599 9177

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